Run as Administrator in Windows 7 and Vista problem
Posted by Optimized Sense on 09 September 2011 07:32 PM

If the client is using a Windows Vista, or Windows 7 to run the system, the client must run the application with administration privileges in order to make the correct connection to the servers.

You can run the application as an administrator by going to the Installation folder (by default it will be C:\Program Files\Optimized Sense\VertexFX Arbitrage Trader\), and then right click on the (VertexFX Arbitrage Trader.exe) file and choose run as administrator.

To avoid doing this each time you run the system, do the same steps, but when you right click on the EXE, choose Properties -> Compatibility tab -> Check the (Run this program as an administrator) in the bottom of the tab -> Press Ok.

Please do the above steps and contact us if you need any assisatnce.



Optimized Sense Team.

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